Who are we?

We are a British company, founded by ex-Military, fitness fanatics Mike and Sammy. We want to spread our positive attitude towards all aspects of life, through the medium of fitness and sports wear. We wanted to produce clothing that we want to wear to train in and which we feel best represents our ethos.

Exploit Potential is a street wear/ sports wear clothing brand. Our garments are designed to be versatile and to be worn as either. High quality fabrics make our clothes the pinnacle of gym style and gym fashion. Steering away from traditional – out – dated cuts and designs; we aim to provide our customers with stylish and great fitting clothing inside and outside the gym.

Focussing our brand around weightlifting, body building, combat sports and pro – wrestling, we aim to provide top quality, modern clothing that is perfect for training and street wear. Our brand carries a grittier attitude towards training and achieving, as we realize the path to success is tough, and nothing is achieved without hard work.

Sammy served in the Royal Air Force for 4 and a half years; it was during her time in the military that she discovered her love for fitness and retrained as a Personal Trainer.

Mike served in the Royal Marines Commando's for seven years. Mike has begun pro wrestling as a hobby shortly after leaving the armed forces. Pro wrestling is now becoming a main focus for Mike along with Exploit Potential In 2013, Mike’s pro wrestling began a journey to new levels, where he was offered a contract for the top company in the world in this industry. However during his medical screening it was discovered he had a birth defect in his heart and needed urgent open heart surgery. In January 2014, he had a successful valve sparring aortic root replacement.

He continues to train hard, and is on a new journey to return to full fitness, which can be followed in our Blog.

We hope that by becoming part of the Exploit Potential family we can inspire you to live your own dream and realise that with a little hard work and positivity, anything is possible.